"X ARE LIKE, BEYOND AWESOME" is a memetic X Meme spawned in #lolkick. The meme is used, obviously, to describe things that are awesome. Sometimes, things that are so lesbian that they become awesome also are used as subjects. Like in all X Memes, the "X" is replaced with an aforementioned "awesome" subject.

Origin Edit

At the beginning of February, Tabbeh posted a link in #lolkick to a YouTube video featuring the Japanese product, Mameshiba. The Mameshiba video featured a type of bean that speaks to someone about to consume, giving them a random trivia fact about animals, which disgusts the eater.

The video was part of a twenty-video advertisement series, which were subbed with English. DoorToNothing found these to be most hilarious, and both lolkickians watched all twenty videos. However, one video in particular stood out among the rest: Mameshiba 19.* Mameshiba 19 featured two girls of dark skin (particular race cannot be confirmed), all decked out in their fancy necklaces and stylish bracelets and super gorgeous hairpieces, drinking drinks with three giant ice cubes in them. The girls don't seem to like whitening cream. During their meal, one of their fava beans comes out of its pod on its own, and communicates with one of the girls.

The bean informs the stylish gal that eels are dark because they tan too much. In a typical Mameshiba film, the reply to such animal a trivia would a face or expression of disgust or regret. However, this time, we get a much different response:


The face of the girl in the video while saying this combined with the sheer hilarity of the phrase sent it into a memetic status. However, the meme could not simply be used to talk about eels. Even though we talk about eels are the time, the phrase had to be changed to apply to multiple subjects. So, DTN and Tabbeh replaced "EELS" with a variable "X", allowing the phrase to apply to any subject. After a short while, the phrase did die out, giving yield to other short-lived but hilarious memes. Like all memes, though, "X ARE LIKE, BEYOND AWESOME" goes through periods of rapid increase and decline. Such is the fate of an X Meme....

Examples Edit

Mameshiba 19 Edit

Mameshiba 19 - Fava Bean with English annotations

Mameshiba 19 - Fava Bean with English annotations