SilverCrono's view on The Dark Master

The Dark Master (also known as Vain or Dark_Master) is the main antagonist of the game Kingdom Hearts - Space Paranoids EXTENDED, the first game of the series Kingdom Hearts - Space Paranoids. Or so he believes to be such.

Role in PlotEdit

He's the self proclaimed main antagonist of the game Kingdom Hearts - Space Paranoids EXTENDED. He does a very poor job at it too. Game critics dislike him for his constant superiority complex and inability to argue coherently. They believe that this is the worst combination ever.

Sometimes, he tries to restore peace and order to the world when havoc is wrecked by someone who isn't him. Of course, these attempts to achieve peace oftentimes go…

Horatio Sunglasses

… in Vain.


He played the last boss of the first game and was eventually sealed in the Realm of Bannation by Kingdom Hearts Wiki IRC Channel Operator Super Sword-chucks as a result of his behavior. He does not make a return in the second game, Kingdom Hearts - Space Paranoids RELOADED.

About himEdit

He's known for defying the rules. Rather unsuccessfully too. At one point in time he tried to run for a staff position on the Kingdom Hearts Wiki… which failed due to his constant "SCREW THE RULES, I'M A KING" behavior.

He constantly pestered everyone around him by roleplaying excessively on the wrong channel and harassed the female users of the channel. It can be thought that The Dark Master was lonelier than SilverCrono.

His age is unknown but it can be thought that his real age is between 12 and 15. Why he believes himself to be an entity of destruction, evil, and wrath is unknown. Perhaps his mother accidentally let the poor child teethe on a copy of Square's Final Fantasy II.


He goes by Dark_Master, Vain_Emperor, Vain_Mage, and… well, just about anything with the word "Vain" in it. It's believed that he didn't look up what "vain" means, and he picked the word because it seems cool.


  • The creator of this page had to resist the urge to make more than one CSI Miami joke. That is just how vain all of this user's actions were.
    • It has been suggested that the author should… master dark humor.

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