SO NOT PG is a phrase used on the Kingdom Hearts Wiki IRC when someone says something that is profane, obscene, or would normally be censored by NumberXVMoogle's swear filter. It originates from the Kingdom Hearts Wiki's primary IRC channel, #wikia-kingdomhearts; after the demise of NumberXVMoogle, SO NOT PG became the primary way to notify someone that they probably shouldn't have said what they just said on a PG-chat oriented IRC channel. Though its first usage was never recorded, it is believed to have originated from Azul81677.

Origin Edit

In March of 2010, a video that was very SO NOT PG was posted on the channel. Promptly, LegoAlchemist flipped a lid and got the PG-rule instigated. It became a general policy that it was [WARNING]-, even kick- or ban-, worthy to say anything that wouldn't be said in a PG-rated film. This was LegoAlchemist's biggest mistake. Ironically, the creation of the PG-rule and the swear filter would lead to the channel's imminent downfall, but that's a different story. During this time period, if said policy was violated, NumberXVMoogle's swear filter notification would surely go off and someone was bound to say "SO NOT PG". It is believed that Azul81677 was the first one to coin this phrase.

After NumberXVMoogle's demise, and no one started taking the rules seriously anymore, the phrase remained strong.

Usage Edit

It is not difficult to use SO NOT PG, as it's relatively easy to find a situation to use it in. If you see someone being obscene by describing indecently graphic situations that would so not be featured in a PG film, SO NOT PG may be thrown out, leading to some serious lulz olos'. Even a simple drop of the F-bomb can lead to a SO NOT PG, but it doesn't give as powerful of an effect as something more obscene would. Overuse of the term, however, is extremely unfunny, as it's only really funny when Azul says it.

Below is an emulation of SO NOT PG's usage.

<SoNotHexedy> sexual bloody feces fucking hell
<NumberXVMoogle> Adola, SoNotHexedy said a curse word. The incident has been logged, and will be reported.
<RandomBro213> SO NOT PG

Of course, we all know that NumberXVMoogle's swear filter message should've just been "SO NOT PG" rather than all that pinging crap.