—LightMouse on Keyblade0 being his b**ch dog

LightMouse, often addressed as simply LM, is a former IRC goer from the Kingdom Hearts Wiki. He is fifteen and is often considered a young'in, and is also a frequent roleplayer.


Arrival on the IRC Edit

LightMouse surfaced on the social IRC channels for the wiki around the beginning of 2011. LightMouse was very enthusiastic and energetic, as well as childish. Some of this resulted from the fact that LightMouse could hardly speak English. LightMouse was fluent in Portuguese, and often interjected bits of his native language in English context. Though most of the channel-goers could somehow put up with this, others found it less easy to deal with, and sometimes even asked him to just use Google Translate or speak in Portuguese.

IRC History Edit

The above continued for several months.

LightMouse had been on the wiki ever since just a few weeks after he joined the IRC, though he was never a prominent editor. He favored the Mirage Arena and Talk Bubbles instead. Until his disappearance (discussed below), LightMouse was a complete WikiPrincess.[1] His edits were all spent editing his own user page or having silly conversations on other Princesses' talk pages. He was never acknowledged to be a significant editor by the staff or community of the wiki, much like that of any other Princess.

Disappearance Edit

Mouse killer is gewd thing.

Around late March and early April, LightMouse simply disappeared from the wiki and IRC. (HAIL ENGLISH-SPEAKERS) He made periodical edits on the wiki, but never was present on the IRC. Weeks later, it was revealed in a talk page discussion that LightMouse's parents banned him from the IRC.[2]

While LightMouse does still make occasional visits to the wiki wiki's user talk pages, a pattern is becoming obvious in his editing behavior. The edits he makes are all six or seven days apart and are all on weekends, suggesting that he can only get online during the weekends, possibly due to his middle school classwork or his parents.


The Mouse reappeared around december, with the news of his parents desbanned him. Now his roleplayer and CAPS LOCK back to the channel.

Personality, Likes, and Dislikes Edit

LightMouse was a very energetic, "bubbly" persona, often using CAPS and LOTS OF EXCLAMATION POINTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He called himself friendly and very much valued friendship, which was reflected in his IRC behavior and wiki user page.[3]

Further information on LightMouse can be found in the user page referenced above.

There is an epic war being waged between LightMouse and Tabbeh that seems to see no end. Both sides carry nuclear weapons, and this war may or may not become an all-out nuclear war. an apparent dislike towards Tabbeh coming out of LightMouse.

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