Liek reely alot is a phrase that is spoken by a select few individuals on KHWiki's IRC Channels. It originated from its original speaker, Azul81677, the creator of Azulspeek. The phrase is used to accentuate or stress a point or message, though does it in a very Azul-esque way. It is sometimes parsed with Azul's signature emoticon; liek reely alot :}. In many ways, it can be considered an Azul translation of the phrase "Like, really: A LOT."

Origin Edit

"Liek reely alot" has no true origin, as Azul81677 has always used words that are derived from a mixture of Engrish, Internet lingo, and shortening words. After having uttered "liek reely alot (:})," either Azul or the person he was in conversation with elevated it to memetic status. The term is used in private discussions with Azul81677, as well as in the large channels of FFWiki and KHWiki. They are also thrown around in #lolkick and #The-Void. Azul is aware of the memetic status of "liek reely alot (:})," though it is not nearly as popular or used as Azulspeek.

Usage Edit

"Liek reely alot" is synonymous to such phrases and terms as "a lot," "seriously," and "very much so." It is used usually as its own message and not with other sentences and other phrases. An exception to this, however, is at the end of a sentence as an abrupt, Azul-esque ending. It is used commonly by Azul, as well as DoorToNothing in conversation with Azul. He also uses it in typical conversation occasionally. Below is a real example from #KHWiki-social.

[2011-07-05 14:16:42] * Tabbeh only responds on KHWiki when actually needed.
[2011-07-05 14:16:48] <Tabbeh> Like. Translation.
[2011-07-05 14:17:35] <Tabbeh> For KH related stuff.
[2011-07-05 14:18:06] <DoorToNothing> And not NinjaSheik's... "personal" translations?
[2011-07-05 14:20:59] <Tabbeh> ...
[2011-07-05 14:21:08] <Tabbeh> And not NinjaSheik's "personal" translations.
[2011-07-05 14:21:27] <Sapharus> What are those? ._. They sound bad. Like reely alot.
[2011-07-05 14:22:19] <DoorToNothing> they are.
[2011-07-05 14:22:24] <DoorToNothing> Liek reely alot :}

Trivia Edit

  • The emoticon that is sometimes added to the end of the phrase is Azul's trademark symbol. HE OWNS IT.
    • :} :} :}
  • The first word, "liek," is often used by users such as SilverCrono and Faethin in ALL CAPS TALK.