"Shut up, you wikia f**ker. yes, i'm talking to you. i always make the wikia better and you always say me stop, so, you son of the b***h, stop telling me what to do, you wikia f**ker, picec of sh*t. Enough telling me what to do, KrytenKoro. You always think you are right in this wikia, but you are wrong, all wrong! So, go home and Sh*t yourself. I - HATE - you !!!"
—An anon responding to KrytenKoro being... well, KrytenKoro.

"Well, we could always define it as 'being an ass like Kryten always is'."
—KrytenKoro suggesting how to define a personal attack on the KHWiki.

KrytenKoro, also known as Kryten, KKoro, and even Inpu, is a bureaucrat on the Kingdom Hearts Wiki. KrytenKoro has been active for over two years on the wiki, though is one of its most prominent editors. In fact, he is often considered the leader or commander of the wiki, having started many projects. He is responsible for the creation of countless articles and forums. As such, though, KrytenKoro is often disliked for being very blunt or even plainly rude in his work, due to the fact that he has zero-tolerance for idiocy. He is good friends, though, with his fellow b-crat, Neumannz.

"Show me a funny video."Edit

KrytenKoro is known for posting video links on the IRC channel. Tabbeh assumes that, if KrytenKoro discusses something "important" and promptly posts a video link, then KrytenKoro is done talking about it. The best thing to do when being PM––or Private Messaged––by KrytenKoro (when you don't want him to) is to tell him to show you a funny video. It works most of the time, if not every time. Note: no one really looks at the video links he posts, so there's no real way of telling if they're funny or not.