HE NEVER HAPPENED was a joke to, allegedly, make fun of the ban-worthy crimes ZexionTheGamer committed after his final banning and disappearance. It started out as one of NumberXVMoogle's !no replies created by DoorToNothing following ZTG's final banning. The command in question was ZTG? or !ZTG, which the bot was programmed to reply with HE NEVER HAPPENED. Eventually, "ZexionTheGamer never happened" became a running joke on the IRC channels; whenever ZTG was brought up or mentioned, someone was bound to say "HE NEVER HAPPENED", resulting in lulz.

After the bot's demise, usage of the term dwindled until it was forgotten completely.

Usage Edit

Essentially, whenever ZexionTheGamer is mentioned, "HE NEVER HAPPENED" is an appropriate contribution to the discussion. It is rarely used, however, as it's become fairly outdated. So outdated, in fact, it is unlikely that you will find any mention of it on ZexionTheGamer-related articles. If this meme is ever mentioned, it is unlikely that you will understand its meaning unless you were around during ZexionTheGamer's stay and/or NumberXVMoogle's reign. If you're an old'in, however, you're likely to get a good kick out of it.

Here is an example of its usage:

<RandomBro222> Hey, guys.
<RandomBro222> Remember that ZTG guy?
<RandomBro222> XD

Here is a more up-to-date example:

<RandomBro222> Hey, guys.
<RandomBro222> Remember that ZTG guy?
<BrickTransmuter> HE NEVER HAPPENED.
<DarkMouse> who?
<xXxsonicluvrxXx> ...lolwut
<DarkMouse> who never happened?
<DarkMouse> whats going on?
<Satara789> wait, what?
<BrickTransmuter> ....facking noobs.

Who is ___?Edit

A running joke and a derivative started to occur after ZTG was banned from the IRC and HE NEVER HAPPENED got old. Instead of saying "HE NEVER HAPPENED," Sapharus began to reply using this comment: "___ NEVER HAPPENED." Of course, ___ is ZTG, but many users had no idea who ___ was and thus started "Who is ___?" ___ NEVER HAPPENED eventually became simply ___, which is as of now used rarely.


An alternative to HE NEVER HAPPENED was "ALSO NEVER HAPPENED", which was the same as HE NEVER HAPPENED, only the "he" in his case is referring to loljoe. It began, like HE NEVER HAPPENED, as a !no reply programmed into the channel bot; anything along the lines of !joe or !loljoe was likely to trigger this command. This time, however Sapharus was the programmer.

When loljoe is mentioned, ALSO NEVER HAPPENED may be used, however, if HE NEVER HAPPENED is used, it delivers the same message. It, like the original HE NEVER HAPPENED, is outdated and likely forgotten by a majority of the old'in community.