One of the non-edible results of "Fnoodle" in Google Images. This would explain why Fnoodle never says anything.

Fnoodle is an IRC Bot on #KHWiki-social and #KHWiki-noticeboard. Unlike previous IRC Bots, Fnoodle is only able to log the channel. It does not possess any auxiliary abilities, such as output commands or linking. Fnoodle is the newest IRC Bot to come to the IRC. Unlike previous incarnations, this one has yet to cause Hell in the channel. Yet.

Origin Edit

Near the end of 2010, Adola's IRC Bot, NumberXVMoogle, suddenly vanished from #wikia-kingdomhearts. No reason was ever given for the sudden disappearance of both NumberXVMoogle and its creator, but MasterTonberry on #FFWiki disappeared as well. For many months, the IRC Channel was without a bot, which enraged the young'ins. Even after #wikia-kingdomhearts was oblviated and replaced with #KHWiki-social and #KHWiki-noticeboard, there was still no replacement bot.

Once summer rolled around, this all changed. In June 2011, an IRC user hailing from Uncyclopedia brought his latest creation to #KHWiki-social: RuneScript. RuneScript was able to do output commands similar to that of its predecessor, as well as produce 8ball commands. The creator of the bot had intentions to add more commands to make it a replacement bot. Young'ins rejoiced at this. However, this bot vanished as well, not more than a few days after being given life on the IRC. Like other IRC Bots, it is unknown why RuneScript disappeared so suddenly, as well as so quickly.

RuneScript was finally succeeded by the current IRC Bot, Fnoodle. Unlike NumberXVMoogle and RuneScript, all Fnoodle could do was log the channel. Fnoodle is simply an archiving tool that automatically produces logs of all conversation, even during netsplits. Fnoodle was restricted from having more abilities at the request of such users as DoorToNothing and LegoAlchemist, both of whom were tired of young'ins and noobs abusing the bot and spamming the channel with totally hilarious and entertaining material constantly.

Fnoodle has yet to say anything on the IRC or adopt any new abilities aside from logging. It is possible that its mysterious creator will bestow it with these powers at any time, which would be a most unsatisfactory course of action.

Creator Edit

According to Uncyclopedia, Fnoodle was created by Dr. Skullthumper. Interesting, he has created a page for Fnoodle as well. Not much is known about Dr. Skullthumper personally, other than that he is a contributor to Uncyclopedia and seems to be science-oriented. It can be assumed that is very skilled with computers and coding, and his user page is very specialized and stylized. He also was able to create Fnoodle.