A SilverCrono Moment (more commonly known as Crono Moment) is a term used to describe the aftermath of an event that supposedly transcends the stars.

For some reason, we also tend to call this a Corno Moment.


Crono Moment originated on, obviously, the Kingdom Hearts Wiki's IRC channel when user SilverCrono was having a "little moment" because of something supposedly awesome happening. Like Hooves in the Farm Trails in the Sky's release or Nyan Cat's existence. To describe his excitement for such an event, Crono would often, well, end up "doing things" that no one needs to know about.

Eventually, Tabbeh coined the term "Crono Moment" to describe the awesomeness of an event that is supposedly awesome––like "HEAVENS DIVIDE" or all night laser tag or both––happened.


If something awesome happens, just say "I had a Crono Moment." It's that simple.

Really, this is kinda like "Guile's Theme." Only this is used to DESCRIBE awesomeness, not CREATE awesomeness. It can be said that putting "Crono Moment" and "Guile's Theme" in the same sentence is redundant.