"Felicitations! You, BebopKate, are now given the responsibility of a Bureaucrat, kupo. Let me be the first to welcome you on this harrowing journey, kupo, and we hope that you will persevere as we tread the dark waters that is Wikia. Congratulations on your bureaucracy, and good luck to us all - we really need it"
Bluerfn notifying BebopKate of hew promotion to a bureaucrat.

A bureaucrat is a member of a wiki's staff, holding the highest position under the staff of the wiki host or farm, such as Wikia Staff (boohissboo). On the Kingdom Hearts Wiki, bureaucrats hold all of the magnificent powers of an administrator, as well the powers to be invincible to having their powers removed by another bureaucrat, as well as the ability to give user rights (staff positions) to other users.

Currently, the wiki only has two active bureaucrats: KrytenKoro and Neumannz. Bluerfn, a retired editor, also still holds bureaucratic rights.

Active Bureaucrats Edit


Main Article: KrytenKoro

KrytenKoro was promoted from an admin to a b-crat in a different way than that of the other two bureaucrats. Since KrytenKoro was leading, or rather dominating, during the move to the new wiki away from Wikia and Oasis, he was given temporary bureaucrat status. However, after a brief IRC decision, it was decided that KrytenKoro should simply keep the powers, since he is beyond deserving of them. KrytenKoro continues to edit rifely on the wiki with much vigor and efficiency, though his bureaucratic powers remain largely unused unless called for. He did, however, use them in a spastic spree while transferring user rights and staff position over from Wikia.[1]


Main Article: Neumannz

In the IRC election/consensus/meeting that was formed while resulted in the promotion of KrytenKoro to bureaucratic status, Neumannz was also promoted from his admin position. Neumannz continues to edit the wiki constantly, often working in a similar manner to KrytenKoro. Whether Neumannz work is running parallel or inter-tangling with KrytenKoro's projects, he continues to be a faithful and committed editor of the wiki. Unlike KrytenKoro, though, Neumannz has yet to use his bureaucratic abilities at all.

Retired Bureaucrats Edit


Main Article: Bluerfn

Bluerfn was part of the Final Fantasy Wiki crew that brought about the rebirth of the Kingdom Hearts Wiki soon after it fell apart, only shortly after its creation. As such, Bluerfn was given immediate bureaucratic rights, which he continues to hold to this day. For the last two years or so, Bluerfn's presence on the wiki has sharply dwindled, and was hardly even alive on the wiki after other bureaucrats were able to handle user promotions. As of mid-February, after the move away from Wikia, Bluerfn considers himself too busy to be helping out the wiki right now, but plans to return one day.

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