"Only not really." was a catchphrase started by god-tier IRC user KHWiki admin DoortoNothing. Only not really. It was first created by IRC user Tabbeh to show a certain status that he won't be doing.


If you can guess, this phrase first popped when Tabbeh was playing an utterly boring game of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 in which Tabbeh was hacking and playing like some sort of 8 year old with absolutely no friends beside Ronald McDonald, the Burger King, and Colonel Sanders. And that Jack guy from the Jack in the Box, if you want to count him too. Only not really.

No, it first popped up on the Kingdom Hearts Wiki IRC channel. Like most other god-level memetic phrases that are on this Wiki. And it's one of the older ones too. Perhaps as old as the language of the gods. Only not really. It's more recent like olos and Enuo Enou ENUO.


It's really simple. Make a status and follow it up with the phrase. Here's an example:

[21:12:31]	<Crono|Anime>	...wait, so Tabris drowned?
[21:12:35]	<Tabbeh>	Yes.
[21:12:37]	<Tabbeh>	Tabris drowned.
[21:12:39]	<Tabbeh>	Only not really.

Note: This was an actual conversation between two users.

Here's another example of how to use it:

<OnlyYaRly> ... so here's an example I came up with just now.
<OnlyYaRly> Only not really.

Note: He came up with it some time ago. Only not really.


  • "Only yeah really." - "Only yeah really." is a phrase created by Tabbeh. Only not really. But if it did exist, it's obvious he'd be doing what he said.